Aspen Locals PISSED

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The citizens of Aspen, Colo. were recently "treated" to a visit by the most offensive Presidential First Lady in the history of the USA. (full link here). As stated in the article:

"Black people have no right to be on these slopes." - Tod P., owner of the Deltatour Single Passenger

"First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters skied at a posh resort in Aspen, Colo., with the help of numerous instructors on private ski runs during Presidents Day weekend, with a total cost of the package, charged to US taxpayers, of over $50k."

Really? Of course nothing is too good for the Obamas.

"Later they ate at a local 5-star restaurant, where the First Lady was observed trashing the restroom while the kids were left alone at the table, making nasty comments about the waiter."

This is the behavior we have come to expect from the Obamas. We interviewed a waitress, who prefers to be anonymous, by phone.

"The Obams were terrible, but we're used to it from their kind." the waitress said. "Everything was wrong, everything tasted bad. They ordered the $500 a plate white salmon and the girls just poked their fingers in it. A terrible waste of food."

Waste is what we have associated with liberals nad Democrats forever. The Obamas are no excpetion to the rule. The waitress also heard a choice bit of gossip she was eager to share.

"Did you hear Michelle used to be a man? I mean, look at her suits. Cut for MEN, not women. Disgusting. How in the world those people managed to steal an election is beyond me. I voted for an American and so did everyone I know.

"What a bitch!" was the comment from one person working on the ski lifts, in reference to America's First Black First Lady. The sentiment was repeated almost exaclty by the waitress. We agree.

More Hate for American Taxpayers

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As if regal vacations for the family aren't enough, the President himself has been heard lately by our moles to be dissing the American people.

"The American people are idiots, every single one of them," - overheard in the White House by an Obama staff member.

Not only that, but Michelle's trip to the Oscars (paid for by US taxpayers of course), was yet another example of the Obama hatred to the working man and taxpayers in general.

Form a article (full aricle here):

"She attributed the chatter to a culture shift that has spawned legions of bloggers, tweeters and others who talk about anything and everything all the time. "Shoot, my bangs set off a national conversation. My shoes can set off a national conversation. That's just sort of where we are. We've got a lot of talking going on," the first lady said only somewhat jokingly Thursday before an appearance in Chicago, her hometown. "It's like everybody's kitchen-table conversation is now accessible to everybody else so there's a national conversation about anything." In what was not the first-ever Oscar appearance by a first lady, Mrs. Obama was beamed live from the White House into Sunday's ceremony in Los Angeles to unseal the envelope and announce that the night's final award, for Best Picture, would go to "Argo." In 2002, Laura Bush appeared at the ceremony on videotape."


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